This weekend, the Innovators had some free time to cut back, relax, and explore. On Saturday morning, some of the Innovators went on a guided tour of the world-famous Fenway Park, home to the Red Sox, or Boston’s baseball team. Some Innovators took the opportunity to buy tickets for a Sunday night game!

Then, in the afternoon, the Innovators took to the seas for a whale-watching expedition. The waters off of the coast of Massachusetts are rich with sea creatures, including humpback, minke, right, pilot, and finback species. In addition to whales, several species of tuna are found in that stretch of the Atlantic, as well as sea bass, and the Innovators caught a glimpse of many lobster pots. (Or, as pronounced like a Massachusetts native: “lobstah.”)

A humpback whale breaching… a rare and beautiful sighting!

A humpback whale breaching… a rare and beautiful sighting!

The Innovators were fortunate enough to see several humpback whales—including one that breached, or jumped, a rare behavior glimpsed on about 10% of whale-watching forays—two minke whales, and a finback whale. Finbacks are the second-largest animal on earth, ranging from about forty to seventy feet in length, only beat by the blue whale. They also caught an incredible view of the Boston skyline as they came in and out of the harbor.

In the evening, some of the Innovators explored the area around the New England Aquarium, one of the best aquariums in the world. On Sunday, many took the chance to simply travel around the city and all of its diverse neighborhoods. 

Emerson Monks