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The Innovators tune into a diplomacy lecture

The Innovators tune into a diplomacy lecture

The Innovators began their second-to-last day with a lecture on scientific diplomacy. The lecture was led by professional diplomats—members of the Science and Technology Diplomatic Circle of Boston. The Diplomatic Circle is an association of members from over 65 countries, most of whom are consular heads, counselors, or officers dealing with Science and Technology, as well as Education and Innovation.

The Diplomatic Circle facilitates science and technology activities, as well as seminars and visits from leaders from governmental, academic, and private sectors in Massachusetts

This morning, they gave the Innovators an overview of diplomacy in a broad sense, as well as diplomacy specifically within the scientific fields. Boston is a haven for scientific innovations, hosting some of the world’s best universities, startup companies, and foundations. The representatives from the Diplomatic Circle explained how diplomacy regulates this ecosystem

Then, after the lecture, the Innovators hopped on the subway to the MIT. There, they had the opportunity to engage in a career panel with current grad and PhD students at MIT, postdoc and industry researchers, splitting up into small groups, enabling them to ask questions specific to themselves and their professional ambitions. 

One of the students, Maria, was awarded the Rome Prize in Architecture from the Spanish Academy in Rome. She is currently a Master of Science in Architecture Studies student at MIT, and has worked with the Southern California Institute of Architecture, the firms of Grimshaw Architects and Dominique Perrault Architecture, and lectured at institutions including Korea University, the University of Plymouth, and the Architectural Association Visiting School in Madrid. 

Another student, Juncal, is a third-year PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics in MIT. She also holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. Her PhD studies have been funded by companies and foundations including Akamai Technologies and Google, among others. She is also a mentor for several undergraduates and advocates for gender equality in STEAM fields. Additionally, she is the president of Spain@MIT, the association of Spanish students at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology. 

The Innovators gain some invaluable advice

The Innovators gain some invaluable advice

Another, Hugo, did his undergraduate studies in Physics at Princeton University and completed his PhD in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences Program in David Pellman’s group at Harvard University (Dana Farber Cancer Institute), where he was a Howard Hughes International Fellow (HHMI). Now, he is part of the microbiome group within the Chemical Biology and Therapeutics division at the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research. He is a codirector of Clubes de Ciencia Mexico and sits on the board of Clubes de Ciencia International, organizations dedicated to scientific mentorship, education, and research in their communities. 

Yet another, Miguel, is a Postdoctoral Associate with Robert Langer and Iovanni Traverso, currently working with synthetic chemistry and biology to create and improve microbial therapies. He was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow at Columbia University and is a member of the Academy of Bioastronautics. 

No matter the Innovators’ interests, they had the opportunity to talk to someone that carried some relevance to their desired career field and path. 

Then, after lunch, the Innovators gathered for a Challenge rehearsal session, where they received individualized feedback on their proposals. After dinner, they took this feedback and applied it to their presentations. 

Tomorrow, they will officially present in front of the panel. Keep reading for the final details!

Emerson Monks