Richi Innovation Camp

FAQ English


FAQ English



What is the format of Richi Innovation Camp?

It is a combination of master classes, workshops, seminars and visits to prestigious institutions.

Who are the professors and speakers?

Academics from MIT and other prominent universities, distinguished professionals, and renowned members of Boston’s innovation ecosystem.


Do I need to provide supporting documents?

Yes. When you are completing your application, in addition to submitting a copy of your passport and other documents, you must submit an English translation of your academic transcript.

How does the selection process work?

We evaluate your educational trajectory, your aspirations and your potential by reviewing your application and the interview with the Evaluation Committee. Apply now for Summer 2018.

What do I gain from being an alumni of Richi Innovation Camp?

You will belong to an exclusive international talent community, participate in its activities, have access to prestigious mentors.


What can I gain from a mentor?

Our mentors are very experienced and can provide highly valuable advice to help guide you towards an optimal educational, professional and personal trajectory

What do I need to travel to Boston?

The most important thing is a valid passport, and depending on your nationality, a visa. Additionally, we will arrange your medical insurance. We will explain the details when you apply.

Where will I live during my stay?

You will live in a student dormitory in Boston with the other participants and the team that runs Richi Innovation Camp. This team is responsible for supervising you and addressing your needs.



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